Prepare for an adventure!

This is a challenge that involves both mental and physical strength.  All throughout this challenge, you will be traveling through your city sightseeing and exploring.

We remind you to be safe and have fun while exercising both your mind and body.

Some additional tips to help you enjoy this journey…

1. Take a lot of pictures. – Occasionally you will not be able to solve a clue quickly. By taking pictures of the locations and features you can reference them later when you have that “AH-HA” moment.

2. This is an experience, not a race. – With up to 7 months to complete this challenge we have designed this journey to be an experience in and of itself. Often times you will be taken to locations that include memorials and vast amounts of history. Take a moment and appreciate the sites.

3. Elements of Decryption. – Often, but not always, you will need 2 pieces of information to decode a puzzle; the type of cipher and the key word. Don’t give up! Record everything and hope a pattern appears.

4. Busy City Streets. – You will be traveling all over the city. For your safety, and the safety of others make sure you use cross walks and follow all traffic laws.

5. Public works. -  Rarely, but on occasion, construction will interrupt locations and prohibit you from moving on. If you believe this to be the case please send us a photo and contact us at

6. Story line. – This is a work of fiction that is based on a true story. Enjoy yourself and dive in! During your journey we have added links to a deeper history that although interesting will not be required to complete this challenge.

Good Luck!!!